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Barbie Nostalgia

My older daughter sent me this  picture... isn't it great?!  She knew it combined two of my passions... YOGA AND NOSTALGIA... especially for BARBIE!

The very first Barbie premiered March 9, 1959 with the hourglass figure, black and white striped 1 piece bathing suit, and pony tail.

I wasn't old enough to get that one, but got the next bubble cut version. And then began my obsession with Barbie. I couldn't get enough of them. I had the Barbie Fashion Shop. It came in a super flat box and was all cardboard pieces that had to be folded into the correct 3-D shapes and locked into place by hand. I even liked doing that....who knew it had a unique similarity to the "spacial relations" test to get into dental school!

Nostalgic thoughts are good thoughts.

They let us take a break from this fast paced world and go back to our Happy Places. Maybe I should go back to the toy store to look for a YOGA BARBIE... (but there aren't any toy stores left... no FAO Schwartz's or Toys R US's).

Barbie does live on. Barbies come with careers... Dentist Barbie, Veterinarian Barbie... (President Barbie?) and the newest... DYLAN'S CANDY BAR BARBIE (Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren is a Barbie).  Now that's a collectors item to buy for our daughters and granddaughters.

OH NO! That's about candy... dentists can't write about that!

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