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Teeth Whitening: Longevity and Aftercare

Pearly whites are in demand!

Everyone is searching for the best teeth whitening solutions, from at-home whitening pastes and strips to professional whitening treatments.

The truth is, that professional tooth whitening offers dramatically better results compared to at-home options. So how do you maintain those results?In this article, we will talk about why in-office teeth whitening is the better option, and provide you with 5 tips to ensure you keep that brilliant smile for the long run!Let’s get into it!

Why Professional?

While there are plenty of drugstore teeth-whitening options, the truth is that they don’t compare to professional treatments. Professional teeth whitening treatments work better than drugstore options due to the carbamide peroxide ingredient and its ability to transform the teeth. 

Along with formulation, at-home teeth whitening is not able to penetrate each tooth and may be limited to the front teeth only. Their results do not last as long, are not as resistant to staining, and fading may become apparent sooner.

Finally, (and possibly most importantly!) professional teeth whitening is the only proven safe and effective option. With the expertise and guidance of a qualified dentist, each treatment is professionally supervised for optimal results while keeping your teeth healthy.

So how do you ensure your teeth whitening results are long-lasting and keep your teeth pearly white?

Tip 1 Oral Hygiene is Key

Practicing good oral hygiene will not only prolong your whitening results but will also maintain the natural white of the teeth (making results look even better). 

Brush your teeth after every meal and floss a minimum of once a day. You may also consider utilizing a whitening toothpaste, although your professional results will speak for themselves!

Tip 2 Watch What You Drink (And Eat!)

Avoid food and drinks that stain the teeth. If you consume any of the following (or those like it), rinse your mouth with cold water afterward to remove any residue.

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Dark Sauces (Soy Sauce, Red Pasta Sauce, Barbeque Sauce)

  • Dark-colored Fruits & Veggies

It is common to notice some tooth sensitivity following your first treatment. This is normal and should subside within 1-2 days. During this time, avoid extremely hot and cold foods. 


Tip 3 Touch-Up Treatments

While professional teeth whitening results can outlast even the toughest foods, you may benefit from touch-up treatments to keep that white glow. 

Talk with your dentist to see how often they may recommend a touch-up appointment (you may find it is not as often as you think!)

Paula Gould DDS Teeth Whitening

Paula Gould DDS utilizes several different professional teeth whitening agents, including ZOOM, Night White, and Day White.

Start by booking your consultation appointment at our Bergen County, NJ office. During your visit, we will discuss your goals for treatment and begin the process with a custom tray impression of your teeth.

It is possible to have bright, pearly white teeth - Paula Gould DDS is committed to helping you achieve real results!

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