Paula S.Gould DDS
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"I'm thrilled with my "new" teeth. I will no longer wonder whether or not my smile looks incomplete. I was self-conscious about showing my teeth. Now I can smile with confidence. You're the best!"


"When my migraines were taking over my life I decided to try one more option and I came to Dr. Gould after seeing an ad about the NTI. The NTI has helped me to take back my life - my jaw no longer hurts anymore. I don't grind my teeth - and my headaches are just about gone! It has really been the saving grace in my life - and I would recommend Dr.Gould and the NTI to anyone! 100% Thank you Dr. Gould for

helping me!"

M.R., Great Neck, NY

"Dr. Gould, I cannot thank you enough for diagnosing my daughter's problem. After sleeping with this device the first night, she said her headache of 3 months was gone. You are a miracle worker. She was able to go back to all her activities that a normal twelve-year-old girl does."



"The NTI that Dr. Gould made for me has helped decrease my headaches and pain caused by grinding my teeth. Its been a great relief for me. Hesitant at first it was a great decision to try and use the NTI."

E.Y., Englewood, NJ


"Just a short note to say a huge THANK YOU for giving me a beautiful smile for my wedding day. I felt wonderful! Wishing you and your family every happiness for 2002."



"I would just like to thank Dr. Paula Gould for doing a wonderful job on my teeth. My teeth were a mess before I came to her from not going to the dentist for a few years because of fear of past work on my mouth. But Paula and her staff made me feel very comfortable and the cost was very reasonable. Everyone I run into is commenting on how good my teeth look now. Great job!"



"I just wanted to express how truly honored I was that you came to my show. It was fantastic having you there!!! Your daughter is beautiful and your friend is a cutie pie. Mor importantly you know that I think the world of you. It was nice to be able to share my passion with you the way you do every time you work on my teeth. Really! I love your zest for everything you do and it’s rare Ms. Paula. You don’t just fix teeth, you always share a piece of your soul and it’s very healing. You take it beyond and that’s

why I adore you. 

With that said, I thank you so much. I
look forward to seeing you again. Who would’ve thought? That I would love going to see my dentist!!"

M., New York City, NY

"I want to thank you so much for what you have done to my teeth. Before you fixed them, when I would take pictures I would turn my head so the camera wouldn’t capture the flaws in my teeth like the gap or extra large front tooth because I hated how it looked. I had even gone to another dentist before you, but he just saw me as another patient. You took me in and I felt like I was special. You made me beautiful and I love you for it. Thank you."

T.E., Rivervale, NJ


"Hello, it’s T.V. The before shots didn’t come out so good because I printed them out on my own printer, as the others were professionally done. I don’t have any shots smiling done professionally because I always hated my smile. I can thank you for changing that. You have made a dream come true for me that I have wanted most of my life. I am a changed person and you gave me the confidence I knew I had. I now smile all the time, I can’t stop smiling. Thank you again for helping me bring out the person that was hidden for so long."

T.V., Actor, Hoboken, NJ

"For the first time, I feel perfectly confident flashing a big grin! I had come to Dr. Gould looking to straighten a tooth that had rotated over time and caused a large space to open up in my front teeth. She was great about her recommendations and worked with me to come up with a perfect solution. My teeth look lovely and natural, from their color to their size, to their position. I’m a very happy ‘customer’!"

M.M., Teaneck, NJ


"Maybe to others it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but for me…I never wanted to smile. Despite being a happy person and laughing all the time. Thanks to you, I can now smile in confidence. You truly changed my life. My dream came true! 

And thanks to Diane and Michelle, you’ve been very patient with me."

M.P., Pompton Plains, NJ


"Thanks so much for taking care of Russell’s front teeth. The longer one has been driving me crazy for years and he thought it truly  stupid of me to suggest he have it fixed. I am really grateful."

G., Woodcliff Lake, NJ


"Thank you very much for your kind attention you gave us. We really appreciate it."



"Thank you so much for the beautiful smile you have given me you. You’re a great dentist and a wonderful person. Wouldn’t trust these pearly whites to anyone!"

R., Bergenfield, NJ


"These two new crowns felt great from the minute I left the office – thanks Paula and Michelle for doing such a great job!"

D., Glen Rock, NJ


"I want to thank you so much for transforming my smile. I am constantly complimented on my smile. No one believes I have all crowns and veneers. The size and color and shape of my new smile looks absolutely natural. You are truly an artist."

J.C., Waldwick, NJ


"You took so much care and so much time. You super focused on all of the details you needed my teeth to be perfect for me in a really natural way. Your artistic and esthetic sense is a big asset. My smile is so natural and matches my look and personality. Thanks for a super professional job. Thanks for caring so much."

R., Englewood, NJ


"I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you did on my teeth! It looks like I was born with a great smile but we both know that didn’t happen. It’s a pleasure to smile without being self-conscious – thanks."

B.W., Bronxville, NY

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