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Tooth Whitening 

Before you buy a drug store whitener, get the facts about professional tooth whitening 


Professionally supervised tooth whitening treatments have been proven to dramatically change tooth color, making teeth noticeably whiter. Drug store whiteners work differently than professional whitening systems. Shade changes may be much less apparent and the results may be limited to the front teeth only. Most importantly, while the same drug store products may whiten teeth, only professionally supervised whitening treatments have been proven to be safe and effective.

Years of consuming coffee, tea, soda, and other items gradually causes teeth to discolor. Professional tooth whitening can help you bring back your bright smile. Professional tooth whitening can be used on adults to restore their youthful smile. It can also be used on children as young as 14 as an excellent option after orthodontic care.​ An excellent choice for seniors to achieve a much younger looking smile.

How does professional tooth whitening work?

Professional whitening occurs by neutralizing tooth discoloration. As the carbamide peroxide in professional whiteners is activated, oxygen penetrates the hard outer surface of the tooth (enamel) and removes the underlying color or stained substances. Since enamel itself is transparent, the natural, lighter color of the inner tooth will then show through.

How do you get started?

The professional whitening procedure begins with a consultation in your dentist's office. Your dental professional will make a custom impression of your teeth and form a tray to comfortably fit your mouth. Treatments are then completed at home.

Should you consider having your teeth professionally whitened?

We use a number of teeth whitening systems in the office, including ZOOM, Night White, and Day White. Schedule a  complimentary appointment to see what treatment would work best for you.

How long will your teeth stay white?

Professionally whitened teeth stay bright for an extended lenght of time. With periodic touch-up applications and regular dental hygiene visits, your whiter, brighter smile will last and last.

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